Half and Half

July 20, 2006

[In response to a conversation about gender-disproportionate interracial dating patterns:]

I have always thought that it would be cosmetically cute if a hapa dated another hapa in such a circumstance where their mismatched ethnic parentage would magically align. Like when she talks all about her mother, he can relate with his father. And vice versa. Everything he missed out on because he lacked that side of the ethnography, she would fill him in on. And vice versa. At their wedding, the in-laws would alternate the biracial rows down the trans-Pacific aisle (and vice versa) — the matrimony a mock simulation of multi-ethnic purity in a post-Sean Lennon world.

But, uh, when’s the last time you met a hapa who didn’t have a white dad? In my travels the ratio is still overwhelmingly a vestige of U.S. military intervention in postcolonial Asia. The racially-crisscrossed hapa-on-hapa action can’t happen until the ladies even up the score a little and take out the Asian lads.

i wish i were a hapa said she to he.

youll always be in my target demographic said he.

i only want to be a hapa so we can get married said she.

i only want you to be a hapa for the racy hapa on hapa action said he.


One Response to “Half and Half”

  1. josh Says:

    haha, cute. magically aligned 🙂

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