February 2, 2007

I’ve finally surmounted the hurdles of installing (via Macports) and learning Gnucash (not to mention resolving QFX import issues), so this is the year I’m financially and maybe meticulously organized. Gnucash, somewhat a geeky miscegenation of Linux users and accountants, is a bit less intuitive than your Quicken, your MS Money, your Java-based cross-platform Moneydance yearning to breath market share, so I kinda had to learn Accounting 101 to get started (but I hope someday such knowledge may prove useful).

As of 2007, I even have my salary as split transactions (splitting to federal, state, pre-tax deduction accounts, etc). Right now, I have my FSA set up as an asset credited from pre-tax salary splits, but I’m not sure how to arrange the company contributions (per pay) other than in a (totaled annual credit) initial balance.

It’s February now, so let’s see if I can keep this up another eleven months.


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