Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — Rinse, and Repeat

November 15, 2007

Mum found a local company in Chantilly that collects and recycles ewaste from consumers without charge a few times a year. My family and I provincially still use the noxious cathode ray tubes, prone to burn out as they are. (And we are not graphics professionals whom advantage ourselves to CRT’s higher refresh rates and better color rendition.) I console myself feebly with DIY power-saving schemes that involve plugging in all accessories into a power strip that can shut them (and their silly 3-watt sucking “power-save” modes) all off definitively.

I’m also picky about my flat-panel displays, and I’m going to wait here in the 20th-century until the mercury-free LED-backlit high-contrast 22-inch-or-higher second-tier-EnergyStar-certified monitor is an affordable replacement for my freecycled CRTs.

Mum was pleased to find a free and feel-good way to rid herself of old dead hunks of crude ’90s manufacturing, but was somewhat horrified when I asked whether the company outsourced the junk disembowelment to developing countries.

On Nov 8, 2007 9:58 PM, [mum] wrote:
> This is the place I recycled. Please don’t tell me they have child labor
> picking bare handed globs of liquid mercury…

Probably “third-world” children (flies landing on their faces) orphaned
by misguided bunker busters and living under totalitarian regimes that
were put in place by the CIA.
So maybe the mercury is the best part of their day.

[Disclosure: This post is somewhat influenced by a read on energy efficiency in the home office.]


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